Mines of Crypto Gems is All Set to Transform the P2E Gaming Space


Gaming has been an integral part of the blockchain space and has attracted considerable investment. Experts predict P2E (Play to Earn) gaming will grow exponentially in the coming years. Recent figures show that user activity in these games has grown almost 2000% every year over the last few years, a clear testament to its enhanced appeal. Several projects were launched in the recent past, and while some managed to gain the community’s attention, many went unnoticed because they didn’t have anything new to offer. And this is the reason the launch of Mines of Crypto Gems is such an anticipated and exciting affair for gamers worldwide.

Mines of Crypto Gems is the first open-world action RPG game that integrates into the metaverse and offers exciting prizes and rewards to players. The game is based on the concept of finding treasure. Several hidden treasure chests have been scattered throughout the gaming metaverse, and the ones to first find it will receive the rewards. So, the sooner you start playing, the better your chances of finding the chest. The idea behind the game is exciting, surprising, and, the best part, new to the gaming space. 

The metaverse under development will be a part of the full-fledged ecosystem being developed by the project, consisting of games, an NFT marketplace, and chill-out zones. Chill-out zones would be regions in the metaverse, where, as the name suggests, users would hang out and socialize with friends and other players, in addition to being able to trade and exchange NFTs. And there will be several of these.

Another aspect that several critics of P2E gaming pointed out was unrefined graphics, but Mines of Crypto Gems has got that right. It offers exhilarating graphics and thrilling gameplay, which sets it apart from other P2E games in the space. 

The rewards are all paid out in MCG tokens, the native token of the project, which will also facilitate transactions on the platform. The total supply of MCG is capped at 5,000,0000, of which 27% or 1,350,000 tokens would be available during pre-sale, 35% or 1,750,000 reserved for P2E, 15% for liquidity, and 5% for marketing. The remaining is allocated to other critical spheres of the project.

Also, users can find a range of in-game NFTs in the store, including avatars, weapons, and skins, to modify the character’s appearance. The game is still in its early stages, and one can expect more features to be added in the coming days.

Mines of Crypto Gems would be the perfect game for RPG lovers who have been waiting for an exciting title in the P2E space. Every aspect of it has been carefully developed after a thorough analysis of the other projects in the space, the market dynamics, and user preferences. So, do make sure to try it once! And do not forget to participate in the pre-sale of the MCG token since this would be the lowest ever price for it, and once the token is listed on exchanges, the value will witness a steady rise.

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