Best Crypto Trading Bots of November 2022


Crypto trading is a growing market that requires specialized knowledge for success. First, you must find a suitable exchange that supports your preferred coins. Second, you will need to learn how the crypto market works. One of the best ways to overcome these hurdles is to use a crypto trading bot.

A trading bot is an automatic trading program designed to help you make the best trades at all times. AI and Machine Learning power the most advanced bots. They can scour the markets and identify trading opportunities in nanoseconds. Below is a list of some of the top trading bots you should consider.


Mizar is a crypto trading bot that optimizes and automates trades on behalf of traders. Users of this platform do not need to spend endless hours checking out complex charts. The bot supports various trading options. The simplest is the copy trading feature.

Users can also configure the bot to copy the trades of expert traders. Best of all, if other traders start copying you, there is potential to earn a passive income. There is also the option to use Dollar Cost Averaging to control risk. With such a strategy, the bot will buy crypto at preset intervals. The goal is to improve the entry price over time. Overall, Mizar is a good bot with some great features for customization.

Bitcode Prime

Bitcode Prime is a trading bot meant to assist investors and traders automate their strategies. It is good for newbies and advanced investors since it relies on AI for portfolio management. Users input their strategies and the parameters. The bot will then execute conditions. It is a great bot for portfolio rebalancing. Newbies can use existing strategies, while experienced traders can configure their own strategies. The platform accepts various deposit options, including fiat and crypto.


BitIQ is a popular bot that promises users returns of 25% daily. AI powers it, and it can scan the market across various exchanges. It identifies various signals and opportunities to make profits for users. Settings on BitIQ are customizable and appealing to experienced traders who want more control over their trades.

Traders can set up a demo account to hone their skills. New users can use it to understand the platform and test its features. To begin trading on BitIQ, you must provide basic details like name, number, and email. You will also need to provide KYC documents. Deposits are easy using various payment options like fiat credit cards and mobile wallets.


Mosdex is a crypto trading bot committed to its users’ success. Developers who created the platform are behind the Moscow Stock Exchange software. It operates as a crypto arbitrage platform, allowing everyone to make a passive income from crypto. AI and machine learning power it, allowing traders to earn a consistent passive income daily.

Mosdex is built as a user-centric platform that is powered by the blockchain. It uses a unique profit-sharing model, ensuring users accumulate significant crypto assets. To begin staking their assets, users can use BTC or Tether USDT. Funds can be staked for 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days. After the staking period, users can withdraw funds or stake again to compound their earnings.

Mosdex is designed to accept crypto deposits. As such, anyone from any part of the world can participate. Since funds do not go through a centralized financial platform, users only need to provide minimum personal details.

How to Join Mosdex

Visit the Mosdex homepage to create an account and click on the Connect button. Follow the prompts that appear, and fill in all blank fields.

Once you have an account, visit the deposit page to deposit funds. The platform accepts BTC and USDT deposits. You can type in a wallet address or scan the QR code to deposit funds.

Once the funds are in your account, click on Stake Button. You can then choose to lock up funds for 14, 30, 0r 90 days. The longer they are in lockup, the bigger the ROI.


3Commas is a popular trading bot used by professionals and newbies. The terminal has amazing features, and the bot supports over 18 exchanges. They offer a short bot for bear markets and long bots for bull markets.

There is also a Grid bot to find cheap tokens at the support level and sell them close to their resistance levels. The platform’s terminal is intuitive, making it easy to set up traders. Traders can also create their own parameters to meet their trading needs. The 3Commas platform also offers signals to minimize the work of traders.


Bitsgap is another excellent trading bot. Like Mosdex, AI powers it. The platforms come with a demo mode, which lets newbies understand how it works. With this bot, traders can connect all their exchange accounts in one place. Doing so can allow traders to execute trading strategies and deploy them on various platforms.

The platform allows traders to compare rates and finds various trading opportunities. It is also an excellent tool for portfolio management. Bitsgap is integrated with over 30 exchanges and supports over 10,000 crypto trading pairs.


A good crypto trading bot minimizes the work a trader has to do. When you pick the right one, it could be an opportunity to earn a passive income, no matter how the crypto markets perform. One of the best examples of this is the Mosdex platform. It comes with all the features newbies and expert traders need to earn a passive income from the crypto world.