Unleashing new forms of Defi investment, SureX is ushering in a new era of public finance


Defi derivatives return to the main storyline in the bear market.

The prosperity brought about by the Defi summer of 2020 was phenomenal. At that time, almost everyone believed that the post-2020 hot trend would be in Defi derivatives. After all, the Defi summer boom, dominated by TradeFi, was impressive. Moreover, derivatives are very important for Defi, as they can provide a more flexible and diversified way of trading for the Defi market, while also increasing market liquidity and risk tolerance, promoting market development and innovation.

But the fact is, NFTs have caused a stir in the Metaverse and P2E space, with art, lifestyle, and celebrities storming into the financial sector and kicking the essence of finance a few times. Many people who have just learned about liquidity mining may be confused: “Isn’t the essence of decentralized finance supposed to be about trading? How come I just learned to be a Maker in a liquidity pool and suddenly they say I’m playing with worthless tokens?”

Recently, Players haven’t been seeing much of the buzzwords such as NFTs, Metaverse, and DAOs. Instead, numerous layer 2 and other forms of expansion solutions are replacing them to reshape the next milestone for Defi. One straightforward piece of data indicates that Defi has begun to regain its momentum in the bear market.

“In the first quarter of 2023, the total locked-in value of DeFi reached 83.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 37.44% compared to the previous quarter.”

The barrier to entry for DeFi is relatively high, which has been a hindrance to its widespread development. This obstacle stems from the complex procedures involved in using DeFi products, such as navigating cryptocurrency transactions and creating smart wallets. To enable more people to easily participate in DeFi projects, low barriers to entry have become a necessary requirement for product development in the cryptocurrency field.

Low Threshold Defi Money Creates Bear Dark Horse CEX.

SureX is the world’s first derivative trading platform that integrates ‘staking, copy trading, and social’ features. Its unique multi-asset staking and financial management system, as well as its global community management system, have been fully launched, providing beginner-level financial management services that combine staking and social features for cryptocurrency investors worldwide.

In just six months, the number of registered users participating in its DeFi financial products has exceeded 30,000, and nearly a hundred top real-money trading experts from around the world have joined SureX’s copy trading community.

  1. Stablecoin staking on SureX offers a 21% annualized return, allowing users to earn passive income with peace of mind.

By providing an intuitive and convenient mobile app and website, SureX makes it easy for anyone to enter the world of DeFi. Users simply need to deposit their cryptocurrency and choose the investment plan that best suits them to easily earn up to 20% annual return through the platform’s DeFi investment strategies. This greatly reduces the investment barrier for ordinary users who may not want to go through the long, complicated, and often expensive learning process associated with DeFi investing

  1. Even zero-experience users can easily earn by choosing multiple traders, without compromising their daily financial management.

As a platform that focuses on financial management rather than trading, SureX’s unique copy trading and staking system is its standout feature in the bear market. In SureX’s copy trading system, all traders are strictly reviewed by SureX, their trading history is publicly available, and the data is transparent and comes from SureX’s live trading. This ensures the traceability of their trading and copy trading records, allowing even novice users to confidently select from nearly a hundred high-quality strategy providers in the system.

Clear advantages of copy trading and staking:

  • protecting newcomers.

At SureX, many professional traders have experienced several bull and bear cycles, and are battle-tested experts who have suffered multiple liquidations. The protection period for newcomers in the crypto field is shorter compared to traditional finance, often resulting in a loss of 50% or even 99% of their assets as industry “tuition fees.”

The traders who join SureX have been verified for their qualifications before being admitted, and SureX requires that traders must engage in live trading. This means that if a trade incurs losses, the trader’s own account will also suffer significant losses, and the platform will not engage in maliciously losing customers’ funds.”

  • Separate life and your finances.

Leave the professional matters to the professionals. Most investors have their own jobs to attend to, but the market is constantly changing. The professional trading team at SureX, who are available 24/7, can handle the monitoring while investors can focus on their work and enjoy their lives. Investors only need to withdraw their profits and principal at the end of the tracking period.

  1. The dual-token economic model of governance and dividends with a solid and developing structure.

Holding tokens grants governance power, which creates a compelling reason, but many tokens still struggle to accumulate and retain value effectively. Moreover, when governance tokens have similar properties to securities, the conflicts between the interests of holders and developers are difficult to reconcile in the long-term development path. Therefore, SureX balances these interests in another way by issuing both dividend tokens and governance tokens at the same time.

  • SLT, the dividend-based token.

SLT is a dividend-based token for SureX contract trading platform. It is a special type of token that is permanently tied to USDT and can be exchanged 1:1 at any time. The main purpose of SLT is to distribute profits generated by the exchange to token holders.

Users holding SLT can participate in SureX’s dividend plan for contract trading and will receive ST tokens as a reward.

  • ST, the governance token.

ST is a governance token issued by SureX exchange based on blockchain technology for decentralized governance. In SureX contract trading platform, the governance token can be used for voting, managing, and supervising the operation and development of the exchange, bringing governance rights and economic benefits to holders. ST will undergo a certain amount of repurchase and destruction at fixed time intervals to maintain its price stability.

Through the dual-token economic model of dividend and governance tokens, SureX exchange can achieve greater decentralization and optimize its governance structure, improve community governance, risk control, and user protection capabilities, and provide a fair, just, open, and transparent trading environment for all users participating in governance.

In terms of community building, SureX has established a huge community matrix on mainstream social media networks worldwide, with millions of people involved in multiple cooperative communities. It is precisely because of the emphasis on users’ core demands that SureX has been retaining users through its core product features, striving to meet the diverse needs of users’ ecological experience in different countries and regions around the world, and realizing the value interconnection of cryptocurrency investment and financial management through economies of scale and refined user operations.

From a single trading demand to more diversified needs such as hedging and wealth management, DeFi and derivatives are still inaccessible parts of this race. Whether it is a DEX or a CEX, there are still many factors to consider. As a representative of “CeFi teams” in the exchange industry, SureX must play a leading role. With the improvement of SureX’s layout, a magnificent ship has taken shape. How it will ride the wind and waves to lead the “crew” to create new wealth legends remains to be seen.