WARSAW, POLAND – Kanga, the fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange with over 1000 OTC points in over 20 countries, announced today its plan to foster international expansion by adding more staff to its SEA team and releasing its web and mobile application in new languages.

The newly released Kanga mobile app version is now available in English, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Polish, and Czech. According to today’s announcement, a few new versions are being prepared for launch including French, Portuguese, Hausa, and Arabic. Thanks to the Kanga Wallet app and its intuitive interface anyone can buy or sell more than 60 cryptocurrencies directly from their mobile phones. It is available for download for Android at Google Play or on iOS at the Apple App Store.

With around 200 trading pairs already available on Kanga Exchange and a long list of promising crypto projects choosing it for the token launch, Kanga’s importance has significantly grown over the last few months.

“Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to every human being on the planet and we are quite determined to do what it takes to accomplish this mission,” said Sławek Zawadzki, co-founder and CEO at Kanga. “We are in touch with various government and non-governmental organizations in many countries seeking to establish partnerships and legal presence so our services can be legally available to more and more users every month.”

With a special focus on Southeast Asia, Kanga recently appointed Joy Nasol as a Regional Manager and hired additional staff from the Philippines and Indonesia.

“Expanding into the dynamic Asian market is not just about seizing opportunities, but embracing the diversity and innovation that defines its landscape,” said Joy Nasol, SEA Regional Manager at Kanga. “With Kanga Exchange’s strategic expansion, we’re not just entering new territory; we’re catalyzing a transformative journey towards global connectivity and financial inclusion.”

Today, Kanga Exchange stands as a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and community spirit. With a rich history of empowering users to navigate the complexities of the crypto market, Kanga Exchange remains steadfast in its mission to be the go-to platform for traders seeking a seamless and rewarding crypto trading experience. 


Kanga Exchange was founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs from Poland. It quickly grew to be one of the most prominent cryptocurrency-related companies with many users from Central Europe and in a few short years expanded its reach far beyond. Kanga now consists of a trading platform, a launchpad, an unprecedentedly large OTC network, an e-learning service (Kanga University), and a charity foundation. Kanga’s broad range of partners across Europe and Asia includes onramp/offramp providers, market makers, media companies, blockchain associations, and marketing agencies.

To find out more please visit: kanga.exchange
For further information or press inquiries please email Kanga at [email protected]