Is a new MEME coin going to make history?


BBOBBI, the groundbreaking MEME coin that will save the EOS ecosystem, is born. BBOBBI is a community project created by EOS holders, the first MEME coin in the EOS ecosystem, and is expected to make MEME coin history in 2024 with the participation of real EOS whales.

Only the power of the real community has created this MEME coin. It is 100% community-driven, with no token sale and tokens can only be earned through community rewards and event participation, making it very different from other hype-based MEME coins.

In 2024, the trend continues with various memecoins making up the majority of crypto rising stars. Puppy coins like BONK, SHIBA and others are still popular and their early investors have made huge profits. For those who missed the early opportunities to invest in these Memecoins, BBOBBI can give them a chance to be part of history. History has proven how the early MEME coins have soared on every mainnet.

Now is the perfect time to become an early participant in BBOBBI as there are no early holders, only marketing and airdrop participants can earn coins. You can earn free BBOBBI Coins simply by sharing and commenting on posts on Social Miner and engaging with the community.