Embracing Plug-and-Play Web3 Games: Playnance Announces Partnership with 4ex.io


Playnance, a white-label Web3 games provider, is pleased to announce its partnership with 4ex.io, an emerging gaming platform. 4ex.io launched a plug-and-play Web3 game using the Playnance white-label solution – and has already started earning revenue.

Playnance White-Label Solution: Launching a Game within 2 Hours

Playnance is a leading ecosystem of B2B Web3 games on the Polygon PoS blockchain, processing 200k transactions daily. Combining a unique business model with the booming Web3 gaming sector, Playnance’s white-label product offers its partners a decentralized, non-custodial, and out-of-the-box service. It is a fully automated solution designed to maximize scalability, and it can be launched in two hours. With this model, partners start generating revenue without managing a dedicated team or operational expenses.

Playnance offers easy traffic monetization for traffic owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs. It empowers partners with an out-of-the-box decentralized white-label game. Using ready-made software developed by Playnance, businesses can launch the trading game in just 2 hours and get a revenue share each time its players make the right Bitcoin price prediction.

This approach lets everyone get instant returns without the operational overhead associated with online games. To kickstart a trading game, one usually needs to hire a team, spend months on development, provide liquidity 24/7, and do user support. Playnance eliminates the need for all these by offering its plug-and-play solution, like its flagship product, UPvsDOWN.

How 4ex.io Expanded Its Product Line in No Time

4ex.io, an up-and-coming gaming platform, wanted to broaden its functionality – and leverage a ready-made game with a proven track record. The partnership with Playnance allowed 4ex.io to launch such a game with minimal time to market.

From now on, the platform can monetize its traffic and generate lifetime passive income. Every win in the game brings rewards to the Playnance partner. The earnings are automatically paid out daily.

Yaniv Baruch, COO of Playnance, notes that 4ex.io has gained access to a game with high user engagement and transaction volume with minimal investment. “This allowed the platform to expand its product offerings with virtually zero development efforts. The players will be able to enjoy immersive gameplay and delve into the world of Bitcoin trading.

Playnance’s B2B game belongs to the iGaming segment, known for its simple and engaging gaming mechanics. “The user interest in trading games that we create allows us to consider iGaming as one of the key trends in GameFi in the near future,” says Yaniv Baruch.

More Perks of Playnance Web3 Games

  • Security through decentralization. Playnance games run on the Polygon PoS blockchain. Their rules and payout mechanisms are coded in smart contracts that operate without human intervention, which reduces the risk of fraud for partners and players.

Playnance’s games have successfully completed an audit by CertiK. They also boast a robust payout history: UPvsDOWN has distributed 450 million MATIC tokens as rewards during 6 months of operation.

  • The Web3 B2B game by Playnance can handle a nearly unlimited number of users. Polygon’s blockchain infrastructure, low fees, and high speed of transactions back the high scalability of Playnance games.
  • Available to a wide range of users. Playnance’s white-label solution is a very easy game to play. It introduces users to Bitcoin trading and can be of interest to both novices and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. The game is available in 17+ languages and can be played in any region and from any device.

The Future of iGaming Looks Bright

With a white-label solution by Playnance, 4ex.io has quickly launched a trading blockchain game and earns income from every player’s winning. This created a new revenue stream for the platform and expanded its range of products with minimum investment.

The success of the Playnance B2B trading game points to the exciting prospects of iGaming. Products in this segment are entertaining and provide real financial value to players. The iGaming market is rapidly growing, supported by Polygon’s strong developer-friendly ecosystem. Playnance and its partners are striving to make the most of these opportunities and encourage other market participants to jump on the bandwagon.

About Playnance

Playnance is a White-Label Web3 Games Provider and B2B Web3 platform offering easy traffic monetization for traffic owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs. All Playnance transactions are powered by smart contracts, lowering fraud risk for partners and players. The platform has completed a CertiK audit with results in the top 10%.

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