UniLoot Enters Ethereum Ecosystem With AI Trading Companion + Native Token


The Uniloot team has officially launched their advanced trading bot. Telegram integration to provide the decentralized community with razor sharp tools to get ahead and maximize profits. Aiming to outperform and
replace decentralized exchanges, Unilootbot empowers traders with an analytics dashboard, low transaction fees of 0.6% for Buy/Sell, 1%Transaction Fee for all Limit Orders & Snipes, Secure transactions, Automated trades and Alerts on high potential, New token offerings.

Notable features of the Phase 1 Bot include —

Full Wallet Control : utilizing up to 5 wallets for precise limit orders, swaps and DeFI functions like staking, yield farming and lending Token scanner to trade and snipe the tokens quickly

Maximum of two open orders per order type(Phase 1)

Blacklist Address Bypass

Rug Token Detection : comprehensive analysis on emerging tokens to ensure validity of the asset + protect your investment

MEV Protection : mechanisms that avoid the ‘Invisible Ethereum Tax’ by democratizing order priority and miner extractable value

UniLoot Bot is paired with its native token $UNILOOT, enticing users with revenue sharing, and a referral program.

The company plans to expand their offerings beyond the Ethereum Blockchain in Phase 2 with cross-chain compatibility, additional trading features and a customizable web app.

Phase 2 will be shortly following with a suite of exciting new features —

Copy Trading and Mirror Sniping

Unlimited open orders allowing users to capitalize on every profit opportunity

High Revenue and Referral Programs further enhancing user and community experience

Defi features (Borrow money and trade on the bot) expading the feature list opening further possibilities for users

0.6% transaction fee for limit orders,snipe,buy and sell, further reducing fees for users

Website: https://unilootbot.app/

Telegram: @unilootbot_community