10 Best Cloud Mining Platforms for Free Bitcoin in 2024


As competition for mining Bitcoin (and other crypto assets) has increased, the requirements for successfully mining crypto are now out of reach for many casual investors. However, cloud mining platforms level the playing field by providing mining services for a small fee. This lets retail investors participate without paying for expensive hardware and their hefty running costs.

This article focuses on the top 10 most trusted cloud mining platforms

Here’s our short list of the best cloud mining sites and platforms:

  1. Crptosace – Best Cloud Mining Platform
  2. KuCoin – Good Cloud Miner For Electricity Costs
  3. Hashing24 – Solid Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform
  4. StormGain – Popular BTC Cloud Mining Platform with Trades
  5. Nicehash Reputable Bitcoin Cloud Miner
  6. Nicehash – Trusted Cloud Mining Provider for Multiple Coins
  7. ECOS – Full Option Crypto Mining Platform
  8. BeMine – Best Platform for Leasing Miners
  9. IQ Cloud Mining – Mining Platform with Support for 100+ Coins
  • HappyMiner Zero Maintenance Fees

1. CryptoSace Pool

Founded in 2015, Cryptosace is one of the most popular cloud mining platforms in the world. The platform has long been at the forefront, attracting 350,000 registered users and tens of millions of dollars in daily trading volume.

Cryptosace is known for its simple approach to mining, and in 2019 the developers launched a cloud mining setup that is easily accessible to platform users. Cryptosace is suitable for beginners in mining, but it has a reputation in the industry as being trustworthy and providing a reputable service. This can give customers who join the Bitcoin cloud mining pool confidence that their hard-earned cryptocurrency is safe.

Cryptosace offers free and paid long-term and short-term mining plans. Paid plans start as low as $30 to start mining.

Website: https://cryptosace.com/

2. KuCoin Pool

KuCoin has become renowned among crypto enthusiasts as “the altcoin exchange,” thanks to its support for thousands of trading pairs. It’s similar to Binance in both appearance and features, including a cloud mining service introduced in the past couple of years.

The “one-click” cloud mining pool enables participants to buy into pre-paid plans that will mine for a set duration on their behalf. Like other similar “plan-based” cloud mining pools, KuCoin Pool has a limit on how many members can sign up. If they miss out, they must wait until KuCoin releases their next cloud mining plan.

3. Hashing24 – Excellent Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform

Hashing24 is a legally-registered Bitcoin mining service provider based out of Ireland. The company was launched in 2012 and has surged in popularity to support over 200,000 users monthly. The product’s industry prominence, ease of use, and range of options make it particularly valuable for cloud mining newcomers.

The Hashing24 platform leverages the infrastructure of Bitfury, a top blockchain technology company with data centers spread across Europe and Canada. The business also employs qualified personnel to take charge of monitoring the activity and performance of the mining farms. This ensures customers 100% uptime when purchasing hashing power. At this point, BTC is the only mineable coin, but this may change in the future.

4. StormGain – Best Free Bitcoin Cloud Miner

StormGain is an “all-in-one” cryptocurrency platform that operates a cloud mining service alongside an advanced cryptocurrency exchange. The company was founded fairly recently, in 2019, with the goal of creating an all-encompassing experience for investors and miners of moderate to advanced skill levels. Users can trade derivatives with leverage of up to 500x, supporting popular digital currencies and several tokenized assets.

5. NiceHash – Trustworthy Cloud Mining Company

NiceHash is one of the industry’s leading cloud mining services, being in operation for close to a decade. It is a marketplace where those with excellent graphic processing units (GPUs) or powerful mining rigs can sell hash power to other investors. The platform was founded by two Slovenian university students and now boasts over 60 employees. The team is renowned for its attention to security and readily available customer support.

6. Hashshiny – Trusted Cloud Mining Provider for Multiple Coins

Hashshiny has stood out as one of the top cloud mining platforms since it was founded at the end of 2016 and released to the public in 2017. The platform represents an excellent middle-ground between beginner and advanced cloud mining products. The desktop website is paired alongside a functional and sleek mobile app, both of which offer a comprehensive lineup of PoW coins for mining Bitcoin on a mobile phone.

7. ECOS – Full Option Crypto Mining Platform

ECOS is an interesting project born in 2017. The company operates out of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Hrazdan, Armenia, an area designed to foster the growth of high-tech startups. ECOS claims to be one of the most cost-efficient cloud miners available due to its location and partnership with local energy and mining equipment suppliers. The company sources its mining rigs from crypto mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain, with thousands of rigs set up across the region.

8. BeMine – Best Platform for Leasing Miners

BeMine is a cloud mining service targeting both beginner and advanced crypto miners. The platform connects data centers and mining equipment owners for a collaborative cryptocurrency mining experience. Platform users have mined over 380 BTC since its inception in 2018, with over 75,000 users. Several powerful rigs are available for interested miners, including the Whatsminer M50s and the Antminer T19.

9. IQ Cloud Mining – Mining Platform with Support for 100+ Coins

IQ Cloud Mining is one of the better cloud mining sites for altcoins. It has the largest list of mineable coins in this list, with more than 150 altcoins, and includes major tokens such as BTC and ETH. Each comes with a respective hash rate and number of mineable coins.

Like most cloud mining services, IQ works on a one-click contract basis. The mining contract is set at a minimum of 1 year with daily payouts, but users can also make a lifetime commitment and automatically re-invest their profits. The minimum hashrate starts at 500 GH/s, while the minimum contract price is set at $0.113 per 10 GH/s.

10. HappyMiner – Good For No Maintenance Fees

HappyMiner is another cloud mining platform that made its debut in 2018. The product offers one of the simplest ways for miners of all experience levels to participate in proof-of-work blockchains without needing expensive hardware. The platform’s strong reputation and immense flexibility will make HappyMiner a suitable mining solution for investors of varying needs.

Like other mining services, HappyMiner operates on a contractual basis. Cloud miners will pay an upfront fee to borrow the hashing power of one of the company’s machines in Iceland, Norway, or Canada. Importantly, the company uses electricity from renewable sources, giving them a sustainable long-term structure.