DEA Announces Launch Date and Presale for New PlayMining Game ‘’Menya Dragon Ramen’’


Singapore-based blockchain and multimedia digital entertainment group, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. LTD (DEA) has revealed the launch and presale of the latest third-party game joining its PlayMining economic zone.

A major gaming launch

According to the announcement, the game named ‘’Menya Dragon Rumen’’ will be launched in July 2022 to massive fanfare. To celebrate the launch, the DEA team will be hosting a presale event on its PlayMining NFT marketplace in May, for ‘’Employees NFTs’’ which will play a crucial role in the ‘’Menya Dragon Ramen’’ ecosystem.

Menya Dragon Ramen is developed by fast-rising gaming studio Fly Penguin Inc and has attracted the attention of the crypto community in recent weeks. Speaking on the development, Takaaki Ikedi, director of Fly Penguin, noted,

“We are very honored to be able to participate in “Play to Earn” games, providing people with a completely new gaming experience. We are currently developing this game to create a peculiar world of “Making ramen from the monsters you defeated.”

We also plan to add features that let players customize their shops, manage business plans to increase the sales of Ramen, and many more so that players’ ingenuity will be reflected in the game. We hope you will have fun playing our game!” he added.

A spokesperson for DEA revealed that this development was a major one for its PlayMining platform. “Third-party companies can use the “PlayMining” platform to issue and sell original NFTs, sell in-game items and distribute DEAPcoin (DEP) as a reward for gameplay, forming a unique token economy for each game. DEA will continue to actively collaborate with third-party companies to enhance the titles on “PlayMining.”

Menya Dragon Ramen: A combination of RPG and shop simulation game 

Menya Dragon Ramen is a play-2-earn game where users run a ramen shop and produce ramen using rare ingredients obtained by defeating monsters in autobattles within dungeons. What makes it unique is the combination of both an RPG and a shop simulating game providing gamers with an immersive experience.

Players can earn DEP tokens and in-game items based on ramen sales. The gaming economics is also designed in a way that ramen sales fluctuate depending on the combination of ingredients used. Gamers can also combine rare ingredients leading to bigger sales. They also need to upgrade their ‘’Employees’ NFTs’’ to equip them to battle and defeat powerful monsters.

Menya Dragon Ramen has a variety of monsters and impressive graphics that will keep them captivated on the platform. Users can get the latest about Menya Dragon Ramen on its Twitter and Discord channels with new features set to be launched in the coming weeks.

About Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd

DEA, is a GameFi platform business, founded in Singapore in August 2018 and is developing JobTribes, a Play to Earn game, and PlayMining NFT, an NFT marketplace. Using blockchain technology, the company aims to realize a world where one can create value by having fun.

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