X Rush will Launch its IGO on KuCoin, Listing 9,500 X Racer NFTs


X Rush, a casual play-to-earn (P2E) game allowing gamers to race and shoot in multiple metaverses, will have its Initial Game Offering (IGO) on KuCoin in about a week. The IGO follows a successful seed funding round led by Kucoin Ventures in March 2022, valuing X Rush at $10 million.

The X Rush KuCoin IGO

During the IGO, the gaming platform plans to sell 9,500 X Racer NFTs. Each X Racer NFT is hand-drawn by a celebrated illustrator behind the viral 2009 multiplayer online battle arena “League of Legends” (LoL). The designer cumulatively has over 12 years of experience in creating game concepts. All X Racer NFTs will be minted on the Kucoin Community Chain (KCC).

Within the X Rush gameplay, in-game items, of which X Racers are core, will prime the gaming ecosystem. There will be 10,000 X Racer NFTs in a series comprising humans, apes, zombies, and aliens bearing different rarities—thus value. Moreover, X Rush offers various hand-painted accessories such as clothes and pipes randomly matched with each race.

X Racer Mystery Boxes, Hold and Receive Passive Income

Gamers who want to receive rewards must own any available in-game assets of which X Rush is availing the opportunity to scoop X Racer NFTs. During the IGO, X Rush will list 95 percent of all X Racer NFTs, offering them to interested buyers. However, X Rush shall sell the majority of X Racer NFTs in the form of Mystery Boxes. Each box will be available for 299 USDT and contains a random X Racer NFT. Furthermore, X Rush has stated that rare NFTs will be sold in public auctions.

X Racer NFTs will tag several benefits to holders.

Apart from potentially earning capital gains from asset appreciation in the marketplace, X Rush will reward the token holder 50 XOX tokens every day, halving rewards every 50 days. This offer will be irresistible for gamers eager to earn passive income while indulging in an interactive and fun racing and shooting gameplay spread across multiple metaverses. Gamers can also choose to use their NFTs as profile pictures and get an exclusive invitation to testnet campaigns with friends.

The IGO Launch Giveaway

From May 2 to 10, the X Rush is carrying out the IGO Launch Giveaway. It shall offer 200 IDO whitelists and three free X Racer NFTs to lucky winners.

Participants must follow X Rush on Twitter, join the Telegram community and Join the Discord group. Afterward, they ought to submit their KCC wallet address.

Those who complete the above will earn five entries. There will be five more entries for those who share the campaign with friends and family. All winners will be announced a week after the end of the campaign.

X Rush’s Gaming Priorities: Fun, Decentralization, and Empowerment

In a recent AMA, Mr J, a representative from X Rush divulged their solid plans to take blockchain gaming to the next level by prioritizing complete decentralization. Their primary objective is to make gaming fun while also allowing gamers an opportunity to earn liquid and valuable rewards for their participation and dedication of resources, including time. Because of their free-to-play mode, the barrier to entry is low. New gamers are rewarded with a free X Car, giving them a chance to try the game.

The X Rush game will launch firstly on the highly scalable and low-fee KCC before expanding to other public chains with vibrant gaming communities, including Ethereum and compatible networks. In readiness, the X Rush platform is, thus far, compatible with secure web wallets such as MetaMask, TP Wallet, and Trust wallet. These non-custodial web wallets will be used to approve transactions and pay on-chain fees.

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