All You Need to Know About Wagering High Roller Stakes on Cryptocurrency Games

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Are Bitcoin bettors entitled to wager big money on casino games or are high-roller games the exclusive plaything of those who wager with FIAT currencies. What else do you need to know about high roller and high stakes games? Join us as we explore the topic in this short but concise and in-depth gambling article.

Can You Wager High Stakes with Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

The big question is, can you wager high stakes when betting with cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, you’ll be delighted to hear that there doesn’t appear to be any sort of correlation between cryptocurrencies and big stakes. There doesn’t appear to be anything that says that FIAT currency bettors can wager big cash, and cryptocurrency gamblers can’t. If you got the Bitcoins to blow or a stack of Ethereum to splash, you could do so.

What Sorts of High Stakes Games Exist for BTC Bettors?

Again, there isn’t much difference here between cryptocurrency gamblers and those who prefer FIAT currencies. If you want to bet with high stakes, you can do so on seemingly all major games. Most top casinos that accept high stakes will permit wagers on RNG (random number generator) table games, slots, live casino games and pretty much anything else – even sports bets, to a degree.

Don’t Confuse High Roller with High Stakes Slots

They may sound alike, but high roller slots and high stakes games aren’t the same things. High roller slots are usually games that have been specifically developed for players who want to splash the cash. By contrast, high stakes games are simple, normal slots machines but that have had their wagering ranges extended to accommodate epic stakes. Top casinos such as Casino have the latter in abundance, while high roller slots will vary from site to site.

Do Jackpot Slots Count as High Roller Games?

Normally, no. High roller games seldom tend to be progressive jackpot games. Progressive jackpot games usually let you get away with relatively low stakes, although you might not be able to win the top prizes unless you wager more moderate sums of cash. It is worth pointing out that there are progressive jackpot slots out there that do command maximum bets if you are to win the jackpot they offer. However, even these stakes tend to be well below what we would deem to be a high roller stake.

How High Are High Roller Stakes?

High roller stakes can vary. Most casino players seldom tend to spend more than $5 a spin, so for some bettors, that is where the realm of high roller stakes begins. However, some slot machines have wagering ranges that can reach the dizzy heights of up $1,000, $5,000, even $25,000 a spin. These are where the real high roller stakes lie. Admittedly, there are few players prepared to punt that kind of cash on slots, though.

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