Aging baby-NFTs “Novatars” to launch multi-phased sales.


It has been announced that “The Novatar” is launching its non-fungible token collection. The release of their NFTs is scheduled for April 4, 2022; baby avatars will be available for purchase on the official website. The creators stated their aim to innovate the interaction of users with the NFT.

The creators announced that the digital art collection consists of 25,000 NFTs. 1500 Novatars have already been sold on Wishlist Sales.

Sales are divided into 3 phases. The first one is scheduled for 12 PM Eastern Standard Time on April 4, 2022. Each step is also divided into 10 small stages, the timing of which will be announced by Team Novatar later. Each stage will sell 1000 NFTs, and for each successive step, the price will increase by 0.01 ETH (Ethereum). On April 4, the price will be 0.11 ETH for 500 available Novatars.

Each token is an image of an infant with a set of genes representing diverse races. The developers also used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create aging baby avatars. These NFTs could be used for social media identities. NFT-profile pics have already been announced on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Onlyfans.

The project is aimed to inspire a new evolution in the interaction and ownership experience of the NFT. Lead designer Stefan Brastad stated that the team tried to capture the unique sense of growth and liveliness of the NFT avatars. He said that “the Novatar is about online representation, diversity, and inclusiveness. The demand for digital identities is huge, and we are trying to bring our values to social media and metaverse.”

After the successful sale of Novatars, the Novatar team plans to start preparing the adaptation of the project for the Metaverses. A Dutch Auction is also planned for the third and final stage. At the moment, all the details about the auction are not provided. The only thing that the creators said is that they are working on unique partnerships and opportunities for Novatar owners.Earlier, the project’s Digital Artist, Stefan Brastad, gave a detailed interview about the upcoming launch of the NFT collection. He spoke about what special characteristics the owners of growing baby avatars will have.

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