Crypto Assets To Follow in 2022


There are many ways to earn from blockchain these days; gone are the days when the only things everyone knew of cryptocurrencies were Bitcoin and Ethereum. From DeFi projects to GameFi projects, we’ve truly seen how creative the human mind can get when it comes to earning in this decentralized world where everyone holds a little more power. Just as Elon Musk had great foresight in riding the demand trends and growing Tesla, (YGG founder) knew how to draw new GameFi users into the space and support them on their P2E journey leading to a huge guild, we’ve collated a list of some crypto projects created by visionaries with the strong potential to grow in value.

Solana (SOL)

Solana has been dubbed the next Ethereum for a good reason, and is growing stronger in name over time. Many projects are built on Solana including DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more. While it sees volatility like the other large projects (even BTC does), it might be a good one to buy when it’s down.

Solana’s scalability is definitely its core strength – transaction costs are low ($0.00025 at time of writing), while not compromising on speed (3,226 transactions per second at time of writing). It is ultra-fast, low cost, and also censorship resistant, which means that the network will remain available for applications to run on, and transactions will just keep going. Solana has great potential to scale and grow over the next few years.


QQS is likely the newest one on this list, having launched just in 2022. QQS is a tokenized decentralized platform aimed at creating a metaverse with the most advanced 3D creation engine, to produce an immersive virtual experience with stunning visualizations and user experience. Within QQS, users can do just about anything they can do in real life – scroll and find content, shop, socialize, be entertained and entertain in multiple ways, trade NFTs, and much more. This allows users to effectively build their virtual life in a fully immersive way and perhaps more importantly, can be extremely profitable for users, with their Burn To Earn and Spend To Earn concepts. QQS is currently having their token presale and as expected, it has been selling out every day – with such planning and interest in the project, it is likely that the QQS metaverse will grow and it’s definitely worth watching or even holding at this point in time.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second-biggest cryptocurrency, being both a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform. It is used by many program developers because of its smart contracts that automatically execute when conditions are met. It can also be used for NFTs. It has also risen greatly in price since its launch, but being one of the main platforms that many other projects are built on, is probably a safe bet for you as you curate your portfolio.

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